Sustainability is essential for bright future of an organization. We provide eco-sustainability services for the following solutions:

Energy Conservation
: Integrated energy conservation across the entire energy conservation life cycle Energy Efficiency Implementation, Metering and Monitoring, Diagnostics.

Supplier Sustainability Management
: Inventing supplier sustainability planning and executing systems to manage supplier sustainability information and to develop visibility for driving product stewardship.

Product reliability: Lifecycle test and product engineering based on customer requirements.

Reducing Pollution: Vembsys is working with strong intention of supporting environment. We are working towards Alternative Fuel Engine technologies in order to provide sustainability to environment.

Automotive design value engineering Concept evaluation, Design evaluation, Benchmarking, Value analysis value engineering.
Automotive electronics embedded system Firmware development, Hardware development, Application development, Modeling and code generation, firmware Hardware integration.
Automotive sourcing procurement services Sourcing of different engine vehicle components like gravity dicasting parts, Pressure dicasting parts, Machine parts, Casting parts etc.
Energy We support Energy conservation in exploring different energy sources & in developing the technology for different alternative fuels which may be used in internal combustion engine.
ECU Development We develop Electronic Control Unit through our fact based approach and research for different engines.
TEST System Development We develop test systems to check Electronic Control Unit for proper functioning. All desired conditions are created artificially in LAB and it provide accurate results.