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VEMBSYS TECHNOVATION research team frame new concept, idea and convert them into research product & services and that systematic approach is adopted by our research team which is from different discipline and background. We have expertise in system integration, where fundamental of different engineering branches like Mechanical Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Electronics Hardware, Firmware, Application software, Electrical Engineering, Networking, Thermal concepts, Neural computing etc are blended together to give a birth to a new demonstrate able technology. After rigorous lab testing newly developed technology is tested in field condition.

We believe that nature is at its best and ideal in design aspects so develop only green and sustainable technology which is compatible with nature. We understand the law of conservation of energy and are working on the ways to convert energy into desired form with full utilization.

We also develop research test bench based on new concept and technology for research scholars, engineering colleges so that they can understand emerging technology. We conduct research relevant to industry and also emphasize on importance of industry Institute interaction to harness the knowledge of each other.

Special programs are also organized to enhance innovation and creativity in Industry, Institute and Research organization. We also provide consultancy services to leading industry and institute through our expert at customer end.


Customers are the main destination behind our every task . We are passionate and determinant about innovations so that we can contribute to this automotive world. Our aim is to improve our capabilities so that we can develop wide range of Green technology products using different approaches and innovative ideas. We consign our all resources to research & development. We are more dedicated towards eco friendly technology. We are confident that VEMBSYS TECHNOVATION will set the new standards in automotive industry and we will able to provide satisfactory services to our customers.



Vembsys has initiated a MOU with NITTTR Chandigarh.
Vembsys develop NOx reduction system.
Vembsys has 2 patents.
Vembsys has collaboration with Vialle, Netherlands.
Vembsys has develop a Electronic Fuel Injection system for 3 wheeler application with Liquid Propane Injection (LPI) concept.
Vembsys has develop Electronically Controlled Natural Gas Injection (NGI) System.
Vembsys has develop EMS for 4-Cylinder 4 Stroke Hydrogen Engine.
Vembsys has develop Water Injection Technology to reduce NOx for Hydrogen operated Spark Ignition Engine.

2006- Establishment

2008- EMS development

2011- Sequential Gas Port Injection System

2013- DPF active regeneration system development

2014- EFI Development for Hydrogen fuel Spark Ignition Honda Engine

2015- EMS Development of three wheeler for CNG Application

2016- EMS Development of three wheeler for Liquid Propane Injection

2016- Developed Gas Management System for 4-cylinder Genset Engine

2016- Application EMS Development for Biodiesel CRDI System

2017- Developed Water Injection Technology for NOx reduction

2017- Developed a EFI system for 2-wheeler application

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