EFI Test Bench and Fuel System

The EFI Test Bench is designed to study the fundamentals of Engine Management System. Different. Different Sensors like speed sensor, MAP, Throttle Position Sensor, Temperature sensor, CAM Sensor etc are used to generate the signal which is sent to the ECU. The EFI system having Electronic Control Unit which actuate the Injector, Ignition system, Duration if Injection, Start of Injection, Ignition timing, Dwell angle etc can be varied. All these signals can be monitored on the oscilloscope. K-Line communication is used to interface between computer and the ECU. The Application software is provided along with the system to monitor all the Input-Output parameters on the computer. Different LUT like DOI, SOI,SOS, Dwell time, Correction factor for Dwell Time and DOI can be optimized by the user under different speed conditions. 

Fuel System contains different number of Injectors(can be one, two, three or four) and fuel pump. We can observe spray path from injector and can vary the fuel pressure and analyzes the effect of fuel pressure on static and dynamic flow and spray behavior.